please solve this how to make an accurate drawing to show the locus of corners

asked Jan 11 in Geometry Answers by Mac2016 Level 1 User (600 points)

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The locus of corner A is shown in brown. The positions of the square card are shown in red (starting position), blue (intermediate) and green (final). The radius of the arc for A is first AD then AC, and the radius of the arc for B (lavender arcs) is first BD then BC. So the side of the square and diagonal are used as the radii of the arcs. Each arc is a quadrant of a circle.

answered Jan 11 by Rod Top Rated User (487,620 points)
selected Jan 12 by Mac2016
thank you so much sir Rod . you are so kind
answered Jan 11 by Mathical Level 10 User (57,460 points)
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