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Full name: Rodney A Jones
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About: Retired from work with local authority in IT. Interested in mathematics, general science, music. Enjoy solving math problems, Sudoku and similar puzzles, and helping others to solve them. Studied and graduated in maths and physics at Liverpool University in the 1960s.
My philosophy for answering questions in Math Homework Answers: read questions carefully; answer clearly and make sure each question has been answered as far as possible; tackle some difficult questions, and answer easier ones to make up for time and effort spent on the trickier ones!

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thank you
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Jan 12, 2017 by Mathical
Please help me answer this questions.
Classify the following differential equations as whether
A. Ordinary or partial
B. Linear or non linear
C. Unknown function
D. Independent  variables
E. Order
F. Degree.
2.[1+d^2y/dx^2]^3/4 =p(dy/dx) ^2
3.x^2(d^y/dx^3)^4+log(1+x) (d^2y/dx2)^5=x^7
4.xd^2v/dx^2+(dv/dx) ^1/3=e^x
Oct 30, 2016 by CRISTDOM
Please can you help me to solve this, ( 2'-3) this the point
Jul 23, 2016 by lovelymath
The function f(x)=x^3-x^2-x-11/4 is graphed in the x-y plane above. If k is a constant such that the equation f(x)=k has three real solutions, which of the following could be the value of k?
Jul 23, 2016 by lovelymath
Please help me to solve this. Thanks

Let A, B, n to be whole number.
What is the modular form of the elliptic equation:  Y^2= X^3+(A^n-B^n)X^2-(AB)^n
Nov 22, 2015 by lovelymath
Thank you for answering my more than a year old question about a spiral of pipe.  Frankly, I had forgotten about it and shleved the idea.  But now I may go ahead with it.  The idea is to use PEX high dtemperature plastic pipe, painted black and coiled up in the sun, as a water heater for my RV.  I got the idea when I nearly burned my hand with water from a garden hose left in the sun.  I reasoned that if the water was that hot from a light colored garden hose, how much hotter would it be if the "hose" were black (dark green has been shown to be better) and "under glass" - but the question was, how much "hose" (pipe) could I fit on the roof and would there be enough water to be useful?  Your answer shows that the idea is feasable and probably affordable.  Thank you- gabbyjim, Idaho Falls, ID, USA
Jul 12, 2015 by gabbyjim
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