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About: I am 13 and I gonna be 14 in Feb, 11 2018. I am mostly here to get help from my friend Rod. I am also here to help everyone with there homework also. Thank you for checking out my profile. o(^-^)o

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Wall for Mathical TEAM VANGUARD  Archer: rJhLc1phW Mage: ryEPQgpnW Warrior: SyiJHxa2Z Shaman: r1-tLxp3-
Oct 12 by Mathical
My ID. TEAM BLOODLUST  Mage: HJetUlVoob Archer: Sy7dFfJnZ  Shaman: BJgre7XynW Warrior: Hy3UB8K2W
Oct 12 by Mathical
My music notes: 1.]=]=]o[pitiotopt 2. mbvcvbmbvcvbmbm,b,mbvc 3.zcb,bc
4. ff b j ff b j ff b j ff b j jj ,. jj,. jj,. jj,. 5. r i i y t tt y r 6. =-=-0=-=-=-=-=0-099900-=098775680-==++__0-
Oct 11 by Mathical
My other one for fame! rJ76SJynZ
Oct 1 by Mathical
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