The y-intercept of two parallel lines L1 and L2 are 4 and -2 respectively and x-intercept of L2 is 3. P is a moving point in the rectangular coordinate plane such that the perpendicular distance from P to L1 is equal to the perpendicular distance from P to L2. Denote the locus of P by T.
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1 Answer

yer werds impli line 2 go thru points (0,-2) & (3, 0)

so deltax=3 & deltay=2, slope=deltay/deltax=2/3 or 0.6666666

line 1 parallel, so have same slope

yer werds bout "perpendikular distans" meen yu hav line 3 midwae tween lines 1 & 2

"y-intersept av line 1=4" impli it go thru point (0,4)

so a line midwae tween lines 1 & 2 gotta go thru (0,1)

Now that us no weer the lines be, du yu hav a quesshun??????

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