i don't get how to do this at all , i'm in desperate need please help !!
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1 Answer

2 consecutive even integers.

it means that if the first integer is X. the second one is X+2.

four times the larger is 2 less than 5 times the smaller.

we can easily see that X+2 is larger then X. so 4(X+2) is 2

less the 5X (5 times the smaller).

we want an equation, so to make 4(X+2) equal 5X

we'll increase it by 2. so we get the following equation:

4(X+2)+2 =5X

4X +8 +2 = 5X

10 = X

so our first integer is 10. and the second is X+2

10+2 = 12.

answers are 10 and 12.

re check : 4 times 12 is 2 less then 5 times 10--> 48 is 2 less then 50.
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