Given ∆ABE with AC ⊥BE and BD = DE. 
Identify the following, if possible: 
1) vertices ______________ 
2) sides ______________ 
3) interior angles ______________ 
4) exterior angles ______________ 
5) the remote interior angles of ∠ AEF ______________ 
6) the remote interior angles of ∠EBG ______________ 
7) altitude ______________ 
8) median ______________
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1 Answer

Points F and G have not been defined and no picture was supplied, so the following are just guesswork based on the picture in this solution.

Main vertices: A, B, D, E (triangles ABE and EDB)

Additional incidental vertex: C (triangles AEC and ACB)

Main sides: AB, AE, BE (triangle ABE); ED, EB, DB (triangle EDB)

Additional side: AC (triangles AEC and ACB)

Main interior angles: EAB, EBA, AEB (triangle ABE); EBD, EDB, BED (triangle EDB)

Additional interior angles: EAC, ECA (triangle AEC); CAB, ACB (triangle ACB)

Exterior angles: ECA (triangle ACB); ACB (triangle AEC)

The medians (with reference to the picture I’ve provided) are shown in blue:

AF, BH, EG (triangle ABE); BJ, DF, EK (triangle EDB)

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