im in consuer math this is the math problem 4(-7) how do i find the answer?
asked Mar 29, 2011 in Algebra 1 Answers by anonymous
Getting your math problems solved is not the actual solution. Being a teacher and a mother, I would suggest you to learn the subject properly and do your homework by your own. You can ask your parents or teachers for help. Otherwise take help of a good tutoring site like

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4 Answers

this is a simple multiplication problem. You can rewrite this as 4 times -7 or 4 * -7 or 4 x -7

since a positive times a negative equals a negative, 4 times -7 equals -28
answered Mar 29, 2011 by anonymous
The question is asking you to multiply positive four with negative seven. First, multiply the numbers 4*7= 28. Then, if the signs in the problem are the same(positive and positive, or negative and negative), the answer is a positive number. If the signs in the problem are different (one positive and one negative), then the answer is a negative number. So the numbers postive four and negative seven's signs are different, so the answer is -28
answered Mar 29, 2011 by anonymous
4 x ( - 7) = - 28
answered Nov 12, 2012 by sicajung Level 1 User (580 points)
Write 7 four times and it is multiplaction
answered Feb 17, 2014 by anonymous

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