A cycle race across America is 369.25 Miles in length. Juan knows his average speed for his previous races is 15.12 miles per hour, for the next race across America he will cycle for 8 hours per day, estimate how many days it will take to complete the race? Juan trains for the race the average speed he can cycle at increases it is now 16.27 mph how does this affect the answer above?
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1 Answer

If he cycles for 8 hours he covers 8×15.12=120.96 miles in the day.

So it will take 369.25/120.96=3.05 days approximately.

If he increases his speed to 16.27 he covers 8×16.27=130.16 miles in the day.

It will take him 369.25/130.16=2.84 days approximately, so he reduces his time by about 0.21 day (about 5 hours).

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