Kato must write 60 percent of a 20-page report by tomorrow. Kato wants to determine the number of pages that he needs to write by tomorrow. Kato’s work is shown below.  

Step 1:  Write 60 percent as a ratio.  mc019-1.jpg
Step 2:  Write an equivalent ratio that has the answer in the numerator and 20 in the denominator.
Step 3:  mc019-2.jpg 
Step 4:  60(5) = 180 

What mistake did Kato make? 

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2 Answers

Step 2 is correctly worded so should have produced 12÷20 because we get 20 by dividing 100 by 5. Kato should have then divided 60 by 5 to get 12, which is the answer.

Step 3 is the faulty step.
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In Step 4, Kato should have divided 60 by 5.


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