Please find the inverse equation to find values of (xa,xv,xh,xd) from the formula  x1 = [xa*0.003 log10(xv)*0.3;log10(xh)*0.3 log10(xd)*0.3];
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1 Answer

I'm not sure what your question means, but here is my interpretation of it.

x1 = [ a b c d ] where a=xa*0.003, b=log(xv)*0.3, c=log(xh)*0.3, d=log(xd)*0.3, and these are base 10 logs. I assume xa, xv, xh, xd are variables, not the product of two variables: x and one of a, v, h, d. Also, x1 is assumed to be a separate variable.

Inverted we have xa=x1/0.0003=(10000x1)/3; 

log(xv)*0.3=log(xv^0.3), etc.;

xv^0.3=10^x1, so xv=xh=xd=10^(x1/0.3); 


If this is not the right answer, perhaps you could clarify your question.


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