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Emily is substituting mc016-1.jpg and mc016-2.jpg to determine if the two expressions are equivalent.

mc016-3.jpg                        mc016-4.jpg

Which statement is true?
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Kona’s mother realized that her age is the difference of Kona’s age squared and four. If k represents Kona’s age, which expression represents Kona’s mother’s age?


3. Veronique found the difference of a number and 8.

Which expression models the situation? 

4. Which is a correct statement about the description “six less than the quotient of a number cubed and nine, increased by twelve” when n = 3? Check all that apply.

True or false? The correct expression is mr022-1.jpg.

True or false? The correct expression is mr022-2.jpg.

True or false? One of the steps to determining the value when n = 3 is mr022-3.jpg.

True or false? One of the steps to determining the value when n = 3 is mr022-4.jpg.

true or false? The value when n = 3 is 7.

True or false? The value when n = 3 is 9.

True or false? The value when n = 3 is 15.

 true or false? The value when n = 3 is 17.


5. Chin correctly translated the following phrase into an algebraic expression.

“one-fifth less than the product of seven and a number”

Which expression represents Chin’s phrase? 

6. Which algebraic expression means “three more than a number squared”?


7. What is the value of the expression “eight more than three times the difference of four and a number” when n = 3?


8. Which shows the algebraic representation of the phrase and its value when mc021-1.jpg?

          “twenty-eight plus the product of five and a number”

9. Chloe is installing new windows in her house and needs to determine the amount of sealant she will need around the outside edge of each rectangular window. Each of the windows has an area of 2,160 mc021-1.jpg with a length of 60 inches. What is the perimeter of each window? 

To find the width of each window, use the formula mc021-2.jpg, where w represents the width, A represents the area, and l represents the length. To find the perimeter, use the formula mc021-3.jpg, where P represents the perimeter, l represents the length, and wrepresents the width.

10. Which expression and diagram represent “three times a number”? 



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2 Answers

  1. 1
  2. 1
  3. 1
  4. 2 6
  5. 4
  6. 3
  7. 3(4-n)+8
  8. 2
  9. w=2160/60=36; P=2(l+w)=2(60+36)=2*96=192", answer 4
  10. 2
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the correct answer is .A

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