A lady bought a plot of land for Rs. 30 lakhs. She wanted to landscape it. So she bought 15 bushes and 18 trees from a nursery for Rs. 975/-. A month later she bought 7 bushes and 5 trees from the same nursery for Rs. 470/-. She paid a gardener Rs. 5000/- to plant them... How much did each bush and tree cost her??
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B and T are the numbers of bushes and trees.

15B+18T=975; 5B+6T=325; 7B+5T=470. T=(470-7B)/5. Substitute in the other equation:

15B+18(470-7B)/5=975; 75B+8460-126B=4875; 51B=8460-4875=3585; B=3585/51=1195/17=70.29.

T=(470-7*1195/17)/5<0, so there is an error.

Please check the facts and figures in the question.
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There doesn't seems to be any error in typing... Hence I guess the question had the problem...

Whichever way I tried to reword the question I came up with a negative answer somewhere! I can't believe they would make such a bad mistake in the question so I'm looking for another explanation, and I'll let you know if find one!

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