Give three sets A,B,C such that A∩B≠(alpha), B∩C≠(alpha), A∩B∩C≠(alpha). Show them in a Venn Diagram also, clearly stating what U is.
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The 3 sets A, B and C can be represented by 3 circles. The intersection of A and B is where circles A and B overlap. Similarly, B and C intersect (overlap). A, B and C overlap, so it would appear that A also overlaps C. We have three interlocking circles A, B and C. alpha can also be represented by a circle in isolation from the other three, no overlaps. So the Venn diagram contains 4 circles only three of which overlap (A, B and C). U is the universal set.

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It would be great if you could show the Venn diagram for it

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