I need this answer less than 10min. If not, then I have to get the answer right. Please get this done less than 10min.
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1 Answer

If the question had been: what's 5 apples divided by one apple you would have said 5, wouldn't you? The question has thirds instead of apples, but the answer is still 5. Don't forget that to divide by a fraction you invert the fraction and multiply: 5/3 times 3 is 5, because 3 cancels out the denominator in 5/3.

I'm sorry you didn't get your answer in 10 minutes as you wished, but I've only just seen it! There are thousands of questions coming in and questions cannot always be answered just as they come in, and you have to remember that the website is available all over the world, which is split into many time zones. Add to that the fact that the questions are answered by users, like me, who have a life outside answering and asking questions! There are meals to eat, shopping to be done, going to the office or factory, going to school, you know the sort of thing. And, of course, while your question is coming in, a user may be answering another question, perhaps a harder one. I'm sure everyone does their best to help people who have questions to answer. But, be assured that there are many users who will be only too pleased to help you. It's just a question of when. Here's a clue that may help you. Below your question you will usually find a list of similar questions, many of which will probably have been answered (shown in green with the number of answers), so if you look at them, you may well find out how to do your own question. Now that will save everyone's time!


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