the diameter of a tennis ball is 6.25 find the voule use 3.14
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3 Answers

the diameter of a tennis ball is 6.25 find the voule use 3.14

Are you sure? I've never seen a tennis ball that large.

The official diameter of a tennis ball is between 2.6 and 2.7 inches.


Find the volume. V = 4/3 (pi) r^3

r = 0.5 * diameter = 0.5 * 6.25 = 3.125

r^3 = 30.5176

pi * r^3 = 3.14 * 30.5176 = 95.8253

V = 4/3 (95.8253) = 127.7671 cubic inches
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If the measurements were supposed to be metric, then the answer is in cubic centimeters.

Given diameter= 6.25

The volume of a sphere is

So if the diameter is 2.5 inches, the radius is (2.5)/2 inches, which is 1.25 inches. So the volume of the tennis ball is
volume v=1025.39

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me assume yu thak tennis ball=spheer

spheer volume=(4/3)*pi*radius^3

me assume yu tried tu sae spheer WIDE =6.25 SENTIMETER

that meen radius=wide/2=3.125 cm

so volume=(4/3)*3.14159265...*(3.125)^3


30.517578125 pi=95.87379924285257



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