Solve for x and y. The equation can be simplified to 11x+7x=180
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1 Answer

11x+7y=180 is a simplification of the given equation. 

There are an infinite number of solutions for x and y in the realm of real numbers. The graph of the equation as a line represents the relationship between x and y.

But if x and y are restricted to integers, then y=(180-11x)/7=25-x-(4x-5)/7.

If y is an integer, 4x-5 must be exactly divisible by 7. When x=3, 4x-5=7, which is divisible by 7. Similarly, when x=10, 17, 24,... 4x-5=35, 63, 91,...

Corresponding values of y are (180-11x)/7=21, 10, -1, -12. These values form an arithmetic series with common difference -11.

The constant 180 suggests geometry and supplementary angles 11x and 7y, so we would restrict these angles to the interval [0,180]. The only candidates are when x=3 or 10 and y=21 or 10, that is, angles 33 and 147, 110 and 70 degrees.

Returning to the original question we can substitute for x and y:

 15+63+18+84=180 or


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