can you solve it in word office and send pic? thanks
asked Dec 31, 2014 in Algebra 1 Answers by rtttrrtr

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Let x=a+d where d is a very small positive value compared to a. We can write x^2-a^2 as (a+d-a)(a+d+a)=d(2a+d)=2ad, if we ignore d^2 as insignificant. sin(3x-3a)=sin3(a+d-a)=sin3d. When d is small sin3d is approximately 3d. So we have 2ad/3d=2a/3. As d approaches 0, x approaches a, therefore the limit is 2a/3. Note that this is the same limit if d is negative, because d cancels out. I think this word explanation is sufficient not to require a picture or expansion in MS Word.

answered Dec 31, 2014 by Rod Top Rated User (486,900 points)
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