i dont know what im supposed to do here i just want to know how to set it up please


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1 Answer

80% Is What Fraction, 8/10, or 4/5.

Next take 160 Divid By 4 Cuase Thats How Many Parts You Have, Which By Doing So This Will Give You The Amount Each Part Is Worth, ( You will know how much each 5th is worth )


so you have to add One more 5th to get Five 5ths. Which 5 Five 5ths Is your Answer, So 1/5 = 40, So 5/5 = 200, So 80% Of 200 Equals 160.


Byt the lenth of the answer it seems these take a min or two to answer but they honestly take 20sec if you know your factions and percents.
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If you didnt Simplify the Faction to 4/5, you would get the same answer with anational step or two. Always simplify, it makes math less work and your teachers happier :)

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