There are 7 heirs to an estate to get 1/3 each and property is selling for $80,000.00.

How much will each heir get?
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1 Answer

One third of $80,000 is $26,666.67 to the nearest cent, so a seventh of this is 26666.67=$3,809.52 approximately. But if this share were to be given to each, the total amount shared would be $26,666.64, 3 cents short of $26,666.67. 3 cents can’t be divided between 7 people. Also the original $80,000 can’t be exactly divided into three. If $79,999.92 is shared instead of $80,000 (8 cents short), then the money does divide equally. $79,999.92/3=$26,666.64 and $26,666.64/7=$3,809.52.

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