Solving Problems Involving Nutrition


  1. Model each problem with an equation. Then, solve the equation.

    1. The mass of carbohydrate in a medium-sized peach is 5g less than the mass of carbohydrate in a medium-sized orange. The peach contains 10g of carbohydrate. What mass of carbohydrate is in the orange?

    2. Half a pink grapefruit contains 47mg of vitamin C. What mass of vitamin C does a whole pink grapefruit contain?

    3. One litre of skim milk contains 1280mg of calcium. What is the mass of calcium in one 250-mL serving of skim milk?

    4. A 250-mL serving of baked beans in tomato sauce contains 11g of fibre. This mass of fibre is 1g more than the mass of fibre in two 85-g servings of whole wheat pasta. What mass of fibre is in one 85-g serving of whole wheat pasta?

    5. The mass of potassium in a medium-sized apple, including the skin is about 160mg. This mass is 10mg more than one third of the mass of potassium in an average-sized banana. What mass of potassium is in the banana?

    6. One serving of a snack contains 250mL of dried apricots and 125g of low-fat plain yogurt. Three servings of this snack contains 36g of protein. If 125g of yogurt provides 7g of protein, how much protein is in 250mL of dried apricots?


2.Develop two different problems involving nutrition that can be modelled using linear equations. Use the internet to research nutritional information. Make sure you can solve the problems you create. 

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1 Answer

(1) O=orange, P=peach carbohydrate content in grams.

P=O-5, so if P=10, 10=O-5, O=15g carbohydrate in the orange.

(2) G=number of grapefruits. C=amount in mg of vit C in a whole grapefruit, so G grapefruits contain GC mg of vit C. When G=½, ½C=47, C=2×47=94mg. A whole grapefruit contains about 94mg of vitamin C.

(3) S=amount of skim milk in litres. Mass of Ca in 1L=1280mg, so mass of Ca in S litres=1280S. When S=250mL=250/1000=0.25L, mass of Ca=0.25×1280=320mg.

(4) B=amount of fibre in grams in a 250-mL serving of baked beans. P=amount of fibre in one 85g serving of pasta. 2P=amount of fibre in two servings of pasta. B=2P+1. When B=11g, 11=2P+1, 10=2P, so P=10/2=5g of fibre in one 85g serving of pasta.

(5) A=mass (mg) of K in apple. B=mass (mg) of K in banana.

A=⅓B+10. When A=160, 160=⅓B+10, 150=⅓B, B=3×150=450mg of potassium in one banana.

(6) S=amount of protein (grams) in one serving. 3S=36g, S=36/3=12g.

One serving = A+Y where A=amount of protein in 250ml of dried apricots and Y=amount of protein in 125g of yogurt.

S=A+Y. When S=12 and Y=7, 12=A+7, A=5g of protein in 250mL of dried apricots. 

Please try question 2 yourself by researching the internet for nutritional information and then using the above questions and answers to devise your problems.

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