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Sally is having a party, she has invited 9 of her friends. She is going to make a special non-alcoholic fruit punch for them all to drink.  

Sally wants to make enough fruit punch for herself and all her friends to have 2 glasses each. Each glasses hold 300ml of punch. 

                                            The recipe below makes 1 liter of punch:                                        

1 lime

1 lemon

150ml Pineapple juice

500ml lemonade

300ml orange juice

Cost of ingredients

lemons 60c each

limes 75c each

lemonade (2 liter bottle) $1.85

Orange juice (1 liter carton) 95 c

Pineapple juice (1 liter carton) $1.25

1. How much of each ingredient will she need? 

Item and Quanity

Limes:  1                           

Lemons:   1                              

Pineapple juice:   150ml                

Lemonade:    500ml                

Orange Juice:  300ml                  

2. Work out the total cost of all the ingredients she needs to buy. 


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1 Answer

First work out how much punch is needed.

9 friends+Sally=10 people.

So 2 glasses each makes 20 glasses in all.

I glass holds 300mL.

Total amount of punch=20×300=6000mL=6L.

The recipe is for 1L. She needs 6L so every ingredient is multiplied by 6:

(1) 6 limes, 6 lemons, 900mL of pineapple juice, 3L of lemonade, 1.8L orange juice.

(2) Cost:

Limes: $4.50

Lemons: $3.60

P juice: $1.25 (she would need to buy one carton, from which she would use 900mL)

Lemonade: $3.70 (two 2L-bottles needed for 3L of lemonade. 2 bottles would provide 4L)

O juice: $1.90 (2 1L-cartons needed for 1.8L)

TOTAL COST: $14.95

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