speed a and b= 0.01 m divided by t acceleration = v1-v2 divided by t mass of car is 100kg
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1 Answer

This question hasn’t been clearly stated, so I have to guess what it means.

The solution probably makes use of the following equations:

I guess a and b are distances such that b-a=0.01m. (Not sure whether m is metres or miles. Assume metres since mass is metric. But this makes 0.01m=1cm, a very short distance. It would make more sense if it was km, so 0.01km=10 metres. But I’ve assumed m=metre.)

The equation relating acceleration x, distance and speed is:

v2²-v1²=2xs, where s is distance=b-a=0.01 and v1 and v2 are speeds.

From this acceleration x=(v2²-v1²)/0.02.

Mass=100kg. F=100x (Newton’s Law)=5000(v2²-v1²).

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