Club needs to Raise 20,000 dollars by selling chocolate bars One box has 20 chocolate bars One bar - 2.5 dollar including 12.5 % markup. Club keeps 12.5% markup. Chocolate bar company donates 5dollars for each full box of chocolates sold. What many chocolate boxes need to be sold to raise 20,000 dollars. Thanks
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1 Answer

One box of chocolates including markup sells for 20×2.5=$50. The cost of a box without markup = 50/1.125=$44.44.

So the markup for one box is 50-44.44=$5.56. These are approximate figures. The markup is more accurately given by 50/9 dollars. The company’s $5 donation to the club raises the amount to $10.56 per box (95/9).

To raise $20000, we need 20000/10.56=1894.74 boxes to be sold, so 1895 boxes will raise $20,011.20.

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