The four step probem solving model, includes an answer statement.  Ex.  answer statement:   There are _____ toys altogether.

What is the simpliest way to explain  answer statements  to students

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1 Answer

  1. Summary statement of relevant facts in the problem. Read over the problem to establish the facts, and then list them. Include any assumptions you are making when interpreting the problem. Identify any ambiguities you spot in the problem and indicate how you will resolve them.
  2. Statement of method. Decide on the method(s) you plan to use to solve the problem. Quote any established theorems or tools you will be using (e.g., trigonometric functions and identities, Pythagoras, Sine/Cosine Rule, quadratic formula, etc.).
  3. Logical reasoning and considerations. Apply your methods to the given and/or assumed facts and include any intermediate conclusions you make during this process. 
  4. Conclusion. Make sure you have actually accurately solved the problem or answered the question that was asked! Once you have solved the problem, state the solution clearly and ambiguously. If necessary, and if possible, include a check to confirm your answer. Word your answer so as to include a proper response to “what”, “how”, “when”, “how many”, “prove”, etc., words used in the question, so that anyone reading the problem can easily relate your conclusion to the wording of the problem.
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