math problem and its very hared
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1 Answer

To answer this question you need the temperature data.

Draw a number line making sure that you mark zero in the middle.

All temperatures above zero go on the right of zero on the number line, and all temperatures below zero (negative) go on the left of zero. Those exactly at zero sit on the zero point.

The question only wants to know how many temperatures are on the right of zero (positive) and how many are on the left. It doesn’t seem to need those exactly in the middle at zero. So if you think of the number line as consisting of three baskets: negative, zero, and positive, then you simply place each given temperatures in one of the baskets until you have placed them all.

Then you can just count how many temperatures there are in the left (negative) basket and how many there are in the right (positive) basket. So which of the two side baskets contains the most temperatures? That’s the answer you’re looking for.

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