I was wondering how do you round 1.17647058824.
related to an answer for: round this number 80.5333?
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2 Answers

The question isn’t complete, because it doesn’t state how many decimal places. 

To the nearest whole number the answer is 1 because the digit after the decimal point is less than 5.

To the nearest tenth the answer is 1.2 because the digit in the hundredth position is 5 or bigger so we add 1 to the tenth making it 2. This is the rule, so now you can work out for yourself how to round it to any specified number of decimal places. If the digit next to (on the right of) the one you are rounding is 5 or more just add 1 to the one you are rounding. If the digit you are adding to was 9, then it becomes 10, which means you have to carry over to the next place. However, in this case there are no nines.

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