Write and solve an absolute value inequality that represents the range of possible temperatures for a reading of 99.1°f . Explain what you need to consider and calculate. Than graph the solution set
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Assuming that 99.1℉ is a temperature rounded to 1 decimal place then the true temperature T must satisfy T<99.15 and T>99.05, that is, 99.05<T<99.15 (ignoring the traditionally accepted rule for rounding T≥99.05).

To express this as an absolute value inequality we subtract 99.1 from each term in the multiple inequality:

-0.05<T-99.1<0.05. This is now in the form ready to be converted to an absolute value inequality:

|T-99.1|<0.05. The range of values of T making this true is shown graphically below.

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The blue section of the line represents the inequality, excluding the orange points and line. What we’ve done here is to consider what’s meant by “absolute value”: the distance between zero and two points equidistant from zero. Then we adjust the zero point—T-99.1=0 so that we have the two points 99.05 and 99.15 equidistant from this zero point. This gives us the blue range of values for T that produce a reading of 99.1℉ accurate to one decimal place.

If we now consider the temperature range 96.8 and 102.2 we take the average=(96.8+102.2)/2=99.5℉, and we subtract this from each of the other temperatures and we get -2.7<T-99.5<2.7, which becomes |T-99.5|<2.7. The number line graph can be altered so that the zero point is 99.5 and the end points are 96.8 and 102.2.

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