Hot numbers in lotto draw means number seems to occur more frequently than others. What is the probability of number 3,24 and 46 being drawn and how is it possible that a number is hot
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In a fair draw, the probability of choosing a number n, where n is in the integer range [1,N] is 1/N. Every number has the same probability of being drawn. So the “hot” numbers are simply observed. There is no statistical rule for deciding which numbers are more probable. Lotto is assumed to be a fair draw. There may be mechanical reasons for some numbers being drawn more regularly than others. For example, if numbered balls are used, they may be of slightly different weight, the difference being the amount of paint used to mark them. Then the physics of the drawing method may favour the weight of the balls. The designers would be aware of any such “favouritism” in the ball structure or in the mechanics of the drawing operation and would do their best to ensure that no ball has a greater or lesser chance of being drawn, that is, the mechanics must be fair.

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