Write a two column proof. If ZY=3XY, then ZX=4XY

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1 Answer

1. ZX=ZY+YX Segment ZX is made up of two adjacent segments ZY and YX
2. ZY=3XY Given
3. YX≡XY Length X→Y is the same as length Y→X, so YX and XY are equivalent

4. ZX=3XY+XY=4XY


Rewrite 1 substituting for ZY and using the equivalence of XY and YX

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At each step we are dealing with the property length. XY, for example, is a segment with a particular unique length. The segment doesn’t even have to be a straight line, but it will always have a fixed length. XY could be the arc of a circle, for instance. So in this proof we are adding lengths together: in geometry we specify the labels at each end of a segment to mean the length of the segment. When we say ZY=3XY we mean the length from a point Z to a point Y (and vice versa: point Y to point Z) is 3 times the length from point X to point Y (and vice versa). 

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