Ty (the tallest) is older than Mo (the lightest). Jo (the oldest) is shorter than Nu (the heaviest). Nobody has the same rank in any category; that is if someone is the second tallest they can’t also be second heaviest or second oldest. Rank these four folks in each category: age, height, and weight.

review for the end of the semester exam, just checking my answers with others, thanks for the help
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1 Answer

  Ty Mo Jo Nu
Age 3 (Ty>Mo) 2 4 1
Height 4 3 1 (Jo<Nu) 2
Weight 2 1 3 4

1=lowest 4=highest

Ranking by age (youngest to oldest): Nu, Mo, Ty, Jo

By height (shortest to tallest): Jo, Nu, Mo, Ty

By weight (lightest to heaviest): Mo, Ty, Jo, Nu

Red is a given.

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