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Ethan's factory produced 1,500 tables each day. 8% of them were scrapped. Ethan sold 60% of the good tables and had the remaining donated. What percent of the tables were donated?

asked May 16 in Pre-Algebra Answers by anonymous

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1 Answer

8% of 1500=0.08*1500=120 tables scrapped leaving 1380 good tables. 92% of the tables were good.

Ethan sold 60% of the good tables=0.60*1380=828 tables.

So the number donated=1380-828=552. We could have worked this out by saying that Ethan donated 100-60=40% of the tables, 0.40*1380=552.

The percentage donated=552/1500=0.368=36.8%.

This is the same as 0.92*0.40=0.368=36.8%.

answered May 16 by Rod Top Rated User (582,400 points)

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