Tony  and his three brothers and sisters chipped in to buy their parents a gift. If the gift cost $40, could they eahc have contributed the same amount to the gift?  Explain.
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1 Answer

Tony has 3 brothers and sisters, so including him they are 4 children in the family

The gift costs 40 so each of them has to contribute equally by giving 40/4 = $10 each one.
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I wanted to ask, when it said 3 brothers and sister, I thought it was 3 brothers + 3 sisters.  Question; if it was 3 brothers + 3 sister--- how would they have worded it? (if you have an idea)
hello thank u so much.

if it was 3 brothers + 3 sisters, it should  have been worded like this: 3 brothers + 3 sisters!

By saying 3 brothers and sisters is not clear as it should be. That is why I wrote

"so including him they are 4 children in the family"

a word problem should be absolutely clear to have a clear answer (solution)

thank you very much again

With best regards


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