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1 Answer

There are two acronyms for priority of operations: BODMAS and PEMDAS.

BODMAS stands for

Brackets or parentheses






PEMDAS stands for

Parentheses or brackets

Exponent (raising to a power)





Multiply and divide have equal priority

Add and subtract have equal priority.

So, readng the acronyms from left to right, brackets take the highest priority, so you do what’s in the brackets first. There may be other brackets inside, so you start with the innermost and work outwards.

If something is raised to a power, you need to calculate it before moving on to multiply/divide.

Of means multiply but comes ahead of multiply and divide.

Then multiply and divide take priority over add and subtract. So, for example, 2+3×4 means we multiply 3 by 4 first to give us 12 then we add the result to 2 to get 14.

answered Oct 12, 2017 by Rod Top Rated User (569,800 points)

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