I want the answer of it bcuz I want it for my assignment.... plz help me do it..... Question is : find the square root of 3136 using long division method
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3 Answers

First split the number into pairs of digits starting from the right (that is, left of the decimal point):

31 | 36.

After the decimal point you can add zeroes in pairs if necessary.

Look at the first pair of digits and find the nearest square lower than 31: answer is 25=5^2.

               5 |  6

             31 | 36


 106 )     6   36

               6   36


Subtract 25 from 31 to leave 6, and bring down the next pair of digits.

We double the 5 in our result to get 10. We now form a "divisor" made up of this result and another digit, denoted by X, so that we have the number 10X. We choose X such that 10X times X is as close as possible to 636. If we picked X=5 we would get the product 105*5=525. Too small, maybe. Try 6: 106*6=636. Exactly right! so the next digit in the answer is 6 and when we subtract 636 from 636 we get zero, so the square root of 3136=56.

If there had been a remainder we would have had to continue the process by doubling the last digit of the "divisor" and then selecting an X value as before.

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