Which pair of expressions are equivalent?


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2. What is the result when you combine only the constants in the following expression?


3. Liliana wants to write an equivalent expression for mc019-1.jpg. Which of her attempts uses the algebraic properties correctly?





4. Which shows the use of the associative property?  

5. Fiona is trying to prove that a pair of expressions are equivalent by using substitution. Which pair of expressions has the same value if she substitutes mc009-1.jpg?

i THINK THE ANSWERS ARE  1-4 2-1 3-2 4-3 and 5-4

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1 Answer

  1. 3 (10n-2n=8n not 5n)
  2. Constants add up to 13
  3. 1 (associative is also known as grouping property, commutative is changing the order)
  4. 2 (3 shows the distributive property)
  5. 4
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Thank you for giving me your answers. It helps me to see how you are thinking.

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