John was visiting three cities that lie on a coordinate grid at (-4, 5), (4, 5), and (-3, -4). If he visited all the cities and ended up where he started, what is the distance he traveled?Round your answer to the nearest tenth. (like 3.2 or 5.7)

asked Dec 29, 2014 in Algebra 1 Answers by anonymous

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1 Answer

Let's call the three points A (-4,5), B (4,5) and C (-3,-4). We have a triangle ABC and we need to calculate the perimeter. In other words AB+BC+CA. AB has length 4-(-4)=8. A and B have the same y value.

To find BC we use Pythagoras: BC^2=(5-(-4))^2+(4-(-3))^2=81+49=130. BC=sqrt(130).

To find AC: AC^2=(5-(-4))^2+(-3-(-4))^2=81+1=82. AC=sqrt(82).

Perimeter=8+sqrt(130)+sqrt(82)=28.5 approx.

answered Dec 29, 2014 by Rod Top Rated User (486,860 points)
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