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There are two answers, I guess, the main and most mathematical answer is 0.25 is equal to 0.250, because “trailing” zeroes after the decimal have no significance on the magnitude of the number, any more than leading zeroes have on integers or on the integer part of a number.
So what's the other answer? The additional zero may be an indication of accuracy: 0.250 to 3 decimal places accuracy. But since there's no more information we don't know whether 0.250 is a rounded number between 0.2495 and 0.2504.
Without further information, equality is the only answer.
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We can't compare numbers whose final significant digits are set at different places.  Because:

In this problem, 0.25 has two significant figures, 2 and 5.  And the final significant digit, 5, is set at the hundredths place and considered accurate.
While, 0.250 has three significant figures, 2,5 and 0.  And the final significant digit,0, is set at the thousandths place and considered accurate.

But we dont know how these two numbers measured.  0.25 could be 0.2499... rounded up to the nearest hundredth, or 0.2503 rounded down.
While, 0.250 could be 0.2498... rounded up to the nearest thousandth, or 0.2504... rounded down.

Therefore, the answer is: No, we can't compare them.

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It is the same 0.250 just has a zero at the end
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