Greater than less than or equal to
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You would think at first that they are the same, wouldn't you? There is a subtle difference. 2.160 has greater accuracy than 2.16, because it's accurate to 3 decimal places while 2.16 is only accurate to 2. Let's consider what the next decimal place in 2.16 could contain. Well, it could be rounded up from anything between 2.155 to 2.164. Some of these values are less than 2.160 and some are greater. So values 2.155 to 2.159 are less than 2.160, 2.161 to 2.164 are greater than 2.160, and of course one value is the same. So the answer to the question is you can't tell, because there's insufficient accuracy, or you're trying to compare two unlike quantities, because they're not equally accurate.

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