if the answer is 90 grams per square meters, as it is written in bed sheets, what does that mean in US thread count.  I've been told what "thread count" means, the number of threads counted in a square inch, but I don't know how to convert meters to inches.  When I look for new bed sheets from a seller, like Macy's, they tell me that the sheets have a thread count of 200, or 300, or 400, or more, which they say means that the sheets have a higher thread count the larger the number gets, making for a better quality bed sheet, or so they tell me.  I'm trying to purchase bed sheets in Missouri, but the sheets they are advertising shows 90 GSM, instead of a thread count.  I'm not able to calculate 90 GSM into a US thread count.  When I see 90 GSM, I'm trying to change that to a US bed sheet thread count.  In my brain, I just can't convert grams per square meter into US inches in thread count.  I've had 5 strokes, I haven't been able to do math for a long time.  I know how to ask myself a question, but I don't know how to get the answer from my brain when trying to calculate a math question for myself.  I can do a simple 2 plus 2 means 4, but I can't tell you what 26 minus 17 means unless I use a calculator.  I do know how to ask questions, but I have no way of knowing if my answer is correct unless someone tells me.  I just can't do that.  I'm sorry to bother you, but I really need your help for what should be something so simple to do.  can you help, please?  I use a computer to help myself get through life, which is such a plus, and I know how to ask a math question online, though it was really difficult to find someone that could just give me a simple answer.  Every where I've look online, they all want to give the equation, but not the answer.  Then I found you.  I don't know how to make equations work in my brain, if you give me an equation, I have no way of knowing what it means when I read it.  I don't know what most of the symbols mean, and even if I could read them, they don't means anything to me.  Thanks for listening to me.   Mike Haggard - [email protected]
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