I have rented a bamboo arbor for my wedding & it doesn't come decorated. I want enough fabric to go up one side, over the top & down the other side. With a little extra for draping
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It depends on the width of the fabric.  If the fabric was a mile wide, it wouldn't need to be very long.  If the fabric was 1 inch wide, it would have to be very long.

The arbor is 7 ft x 7 ft = 49 square feet

Whatever the width is in feet, do 49 / width and that should give you the yards needed.

If you're talking about an actual thing in the real world, you need to consider overlap.  If you fill a 7 ft x 7 ft gap with a fabric that is exactly 7 ft x 7 ft, the fabric will just fall down because it isn't attached to anything.
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