Ronan saves money by collecti ng coins. 25% of the coins are 5p pieces,. 40% of them are 10p and the remainder are 20p pieces. The total value of 20p pieces is 14 pounds.How many 5p coins are there? How many 10p coins are there and how much has Ronan saved
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1 Answer

??????????????? "remaender" ????????? maebee the REST av the koins be.....

sins 25%=5 sents & 40%=20 sents, that leev 35%=20 sents

yu sae the 20 sent koins add up tu 14 pounds

Heer in US, dont hav a 20 sent koin, but 10 sent koin wae 2.268 grams

1 gram=0.0022046223 pound

2.268 gram=0.00500000 pound

so it take 200 koins tu make 1 pound

thus, 14 pounds=2800 koins

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