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Captain Salamander found a chest full of 25 coins whilst searching for treasure. 

He decided to count the coins by putting them into four piles. 

First pile: put some coins. 

Second pile: had two less than first

Third pile: had one less coin   than last pile. 

Fourth pile: had twice as many as the second pile.

How many coins were in each pile

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1 Answer

Let the number of coins in first pile be x.

Then second pile contains x-2

Fourth pile contains 2(x-2)

And third pile contains 2(x-2) -1

Also total coins = 25


x + (x-2) + 2(x-2) + 2(x-2)-1 = 25

or 6x -11 = 25

or x = 6

So the first pile contains 6 coins

second pile contains 4 coins

third pile contains 7 coins

fourth pile contains 8 coins

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