if there are 9 poles and 90 camels are tied with it so that all poles have odd no. of camels
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3 Answers

90 kanels....apparentlee yu wanna tie em tu 9 poles . . . averaej=10 kamels per pole . . . If yu want odd numbers, yuze (9 & 11) (9 & 11)....5 times
If you use 9 and 11 5 times, you'd have 100 attachments, but you only have 90 camels and 9 poles. What about the other 10 attachments?

Arrange the poles in a circle for convenience. Attach ten camels to each pole, then attach one of these camels to the next pole along around the circle. That means that one camel in each group of ten is attached to two poles. So now each pole is attached to 11 camels.

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89 and 81

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