Sweet Shop Spreadsheet Sweet Price Each Quantity Price Jelly babies £1.50 £0.00 Fruit gums £1.00 £0.00 Chocolate bar £0.10 £0.00 Cola bottle £0.05 £0.00 Totals Paul wants to buy exactly 14 sweets for 10 pounds. He also wants at least one of each sweet. Use trial and error to find different ways to buy the sweets. My Solutions to the Problem Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 Jelly babies Fruit gums Chocolate bar Cola bottle By
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3 Answers

If sumwon sell sumthun, it wae however much it wae . . . yu kan ask for 5 thangs or maeby 5 pounds av stuf . . .
i dont know to be honest

You could have 5,2,3,4 or 3,5,4,2 :)


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