u need to find

 Proof or verification of heron's formula that can be given by paper cutting and pasting.

formula is

where s is the semi perimeter

which is (a+b+c)/2

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1 Answer

?????????? "kutting" & "paesting" ?????????????

the werd is KUT & PAEST

WHICH heron's rule?????

bout area av triangel or av nonregular polygon????

for triangel: 1 wae is first get the half-rim...add up lengths av 3 sides & divide bi 2

then triangel area=sq root[half*(half -side1) *(half-side2) *(half-side3)]


The other formula for area take the (x,y) koordinates av eech point av

NE polygot...num sides=3, 4, 5, ...

area=(1/2)*[(x1y2 -y1x2) + (x2y3 -y2x3) +....+(xny1 -ynx1)]

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