How do you slove the problem for slope , x intercept and y intercept
asked Nov 9, 2011 in Algebra 1 Answers by anonymous

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6 Answers

Intercepts are where a curve or line cuts the x and y axes. The x axis is where y=0 and the y axis is where x=0. So to find out where the y axis intercept is we put x=0 in the function and get y=-4; and the x axis intercept is when y=0 at x=-4. Consider the axes to cut the plane into 4 sections: top right, bottom right, bottom left and top left. The line joining the intercepts forms part of the graph in the bottom left quadrant.

answered Oct 11, 2014 by Rod Top Rated User (479,700 points)
answered May 6, 2015 by t
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you need tu express the given EC. in the way  y=mx+b   y-intercept (0,b) ,  slope m

so  we got  -y=x +4 multiply by -1 de EC

                   y=-x-4            comparing the EC.       slope  m=-1    y-intercept (0,-4)         

x-intercept you put y=o and solve the ecuation for x

  0=x+4     ⇒     x=-4                                                                     x-intercept (-4,0)
answered Apr 4, 2016 by Miguel
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