Here's the entire sheet (^2 is squared)


Wendy is going to paint her bedroom door, but first needs towork out its area so she can buy enough paint.

1. If the door is 2.00m by 0.95m, what is the area of one side of the door?


2. If the door is to have 2 coats of paint on both sides, what is the total area that has to be painted?


3. If a 500mL tin of paint will paint 7 m^2,what volume of paint is required to be able to paint the door?


4. If a500mL tin of paint costs $13.25, how many tins will be needed and what will it cost?
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1 Answer

  1. The area is 2.0*0.95=1.90m^2.
  2. The total area to be painted is 4*1.90=7.60m^2
  3. If 500ml will cover 7m^2 then the volume of paint needed is 500*7.6/7=542.86ml
  4. 2 tins of paint will be required because one would be insufficient, so the cost would be 2*$13.25=$26.50.
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