While on business, your mother drove 65 km per hour in an automobile and traveled 660 km per hour in an airplane. She drove twice as many hours as she flew and the total km for the trip was 1780 km. Show the formula and solve the equation!

You need to answer it and show the equation and write how many hours did she drive!
asked Mar 22, 2013 in order of operations by anonymous

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1 Answer

Let H be the number of hours she drove.

Distance driven=65H, distance flown=660H/2=330H.

Total distance=1780=65H+330H=395H, so H=1780/395=4.5063 hours approx. or 4 hr 30.38 min.

Distance driven=292.91km, 1487.09 km flown.

answered Feb 17 by Rod Top Rated User (478,380 points)

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