I have no idea how to do this someone help me please!
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=12km per hr

How do you get 12 from the equation you show? If you multiply the numerator by 3, you get 15/20 = 0.75; if you multiply the denominator by 3 you get 5/60 = 0.083333.
He traveled 5 Km in 20 minutes. There are three 20 minute periods in an hour, so in an hour he would travel three times as far, or 3 * 5 Km = 15 Km in an hour. That was his average speed, 15 Kph.

Using the standard formula, S = 5 Km / (1/3 hr) = (5 Km * 3) / (1 hr) = 15 Km/hr

When you divide by a fraction (1/3 hr), invert the fraction and multiply.
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