Use an inequality to solve this problem.

One side of a rectangle is 12 inches and the other is x inches.  What value of x will make the perimeter at most 44 inches?
asked Oct 19, 2011 in Word Problem Answers by anonymous

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2 Answers

Remember perimeter of a regtangle is P=2L+2W

So your formula would be 44=2(12)+2W


                                               -24   =    -24





So the regtangle would 2 sides equaling 12 & 2 sides equaling 10. 


To check you would 44=2(12)+2(10)



answered Oct 19, 2011 by anonymous
I see, you -24 by both sides of the equation.  then divided the answer by 2, which gave it like terms.  Ok, I think I have it.
Thank You for your help with this algebra problem.  May you be blessed I truly appreciate the effort you made for me.
Please help me with the following problem and show the work on how to get that problem.


35% of 147=
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